Web3 + Animation = ❤️

Web3 + Animation = ❤️

One of the main web3 qualities is empowering users, and animation video creators are getting particularly ingenious in this.

😼  The trend started with Mila Kunis and her Stoner Cats animated series launched in 2021, with NFTs used to fund the production and progressively unlock the content.

A year after, her second animated series called The Gimmicks allowed NFT holders to vote on the next episode’s development.

Launched last year by a famous crypto artist Emily “pplpleasr” Yang, a “direct-to-community” video platform Shibuya is aiming at popularizing this practice.

It allows creators to crowdfund their video production with NFTs, and then lets NFT holders have a say in the creative direction.

🐰  Shibuya launched a White Rabbit anime series last spring, and raised $6.9 million last December, in a seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz and Variant Fund.

Now, a second creator will be joining the platform – a world-class DJ and long-time crypto enthusiast Steve Aoki, with an animated series Dominion X featuring a furry pink monster he released earlier as NFT.

Web3 is a burgeoning space that attracts and stimulates an ever-growing number of creative people… and this creativity will eventually spill out to the non-crypto world  🌊