Stoner Cats series disrupting media standards with NFT
juillet 27 2021

Stoner Cats series disrupting media standards with NFT

Who said only big media groups can produce cool content? The Hollywood star Mila Kunis is set to prove otherwise: her animated series Stoner Cats will be using NFTs to reverse-finance the original content and change the way it is accessed.

The series is about cats whose owner accidentally throws a pack of medical marijuana into the fireplace – and they end up getting high by inhaling it. To unlock the videos, one must buy an NFT of one of the cats and connect a wallet containing it to the Stoner Cats website. The NFTs are expensive (0.35 ETH), but, as with any crypto, they can always be sold and exchanged on secondary marketplaces like the OpenSea (a 2.5% royalty going to the movie creators).

The cast for the series is as high-profile as its ambitions: Jane Fonda, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Seth MacFarlane and even Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin – all set for the Stoner Cats to become viral and to encourage more independent creators to use NFTs to finance their art.