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About us

D.Center started as a genuine fascination by the blockchain and a private effort to learn about its many facets. 

The idea of decentralization carries an immense potential to change our world for the better, and for the first time in human history we have the right tool for it – the blockchain. However both the disruptive quality of decentralization and the blockchain mechanism are not so easy to comprehend. So we spent a considerable amount of time browsing through tons of information and misinformation on the Internet, trying to distill what really mattered. 

Before we knew, our bunch of notes grew pretty big, literally asking us to organize them – and we did, guided by the logical connections between different notions.The result was a non-linear collection of articles, where one could choose different paths to explore all things blockchain. At this stage it became clear we had to publish our notes, for this knowledge could help people regain control over so many important aspects of their lives. 

It is important to understand that our lives largely rest on the digital data, which is currently being under the custody of different organisations – from banks to land registers to social media. It is also important to understand that with the blockchain we now have an alternative to this. An alternative that would empower us to control and manage our data – and our lives –  without depending on a third party.

So here’s to the superpowers we can all have ! Let’s take back control.