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About us

About us

D.Center is a crypto education company co-founded by Marie Poteriaieva, international commerce specialist, and Franck Pralas, a seasoned finance expert.

D.Center is the convergence of diverse backgrounds and skillsets, bound together by a shared vision of the profound significance of blockchain and crypto.
Here’s our story.

How it started

D.Center started as a genuine fascination by the blockchain and individual efforts to learn about its many facets. 

The idea of decentralization carries an immense potential to change our world for the better, and for the first time in human history we have the right tool for it – the blockchain. However, both the disruptive quality of decentralization and the blockchain mechanism are not easy to comprehend.

We have spent a considerable amount of time browsing through tons of crypto-related information (and misinformation), trying to distill what really mattered. 

Before we knew, our bunch of notes grew pretty big, literally asking us to organize them – and we did, guided by the logical connections between different notions. The result, which we called Explore, is a non-linear collection of articles, where one could choose different paths to explore all things blockchain.

As a separate endeavor, we were asked to conduct a training, explaining the crypto world to a group of accountant specialists. Thisis how our education activity has started.

How it’s going

The crypto space is amazingly dynamic and innovative.

Bitcoin is imposing itself troughout the bull and bear cycles, regulators are slowly catching up to the technology, crypto is changing the world of finance, and the emerging web3 sector is showing a true potential of disrupting digital services.

We follow all crypto-related trends closely and continue producing analytical content for D.Cenetr and some other publications on demand.

We have also enriched our training programs, and created new ones, dedicated to giving the professionals all the tools they need to understand and evaluate crypto.

Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies as its integral part, is changing the world in ways we wouldn’t thought possible even several years ago. However, we are still very early, and observing the disruption in real time is a priviledge and a great source of intellectual satisfaction.

We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and contribute to a better understanding of the world of crypto and web3.

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