Bored Apes band TheZoo releases its first single

Bored Apes band TheZoo releases its first single

Last week we wrote about Ape-In Production (AIP) – Timbaland’s new production company for Bored Apes owners, where the Apes are the Artists.

AIP was conceived as a “new platform for entertainment in the metaverse era, owned by its artists”, and it has already produced a hip-hop band called TheZoo featuring 5 Bored Apes.

The Apes had a productive time, it seems: their first single “ApeSh ?t” was recently released as an NFT on OpenSea marketplace. In addition to the single itself, its holders will have access to exclusive extras, like exclusive merch, community events, virtual studio sessions etc… all thanks to the magic of the NFTs.

The music industry is changing and TheZoo is only the beginning.

Without further ado… here’s the Apes’ beat! ?