Bored Apes Yacht Club: the hype continues

Bored Apes Yacht Club: the hype continues

Bored Apes Yacht Club’s hype is hitting its all-time high.

The success of NFT collectibles series is in big part due to its community and the hype around it. Bored Apes Yacht Club’s creators Yuga Labs definitely know how to maintain it.

Recently it has been about music. Last week Universal Music Group announced the formation of a metaverse group called Kingship that uses 4 Bored Apes belonging to an early NFT collector Jimmy McNelis. Once again proving how powerful commercial NFT-based ownership rights are, McNelis’ Apes will be “collaborating” with Universal Music and perform its music.

In the meantime, another music producer Timbaland announced the launch of Ape-In Productions – a production company for Bored Apes owners that will create music and animation around them. The company has formed a hip-hop virtual band called TheZoo that is expected to release its first single this week.

With cool projects like these it comes as no surprise that a legendary magazine Rolling Stone issued two Bored Ape-themed NFT covers that are currently being auctioned off at SuperRare marketplace.

BAYC was conceived with community in mind, offering NFT owners exclusive access to real-life and virtual parties, as well as new Apes drops. Now it is targeting a whole other level, and with such ambitions $142M of monthly trading volume does not even seem a lot.