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Why in-person trainings?

D.Center and its content is and will be free, but nothing beats an in-person training when you want to get a good understanding of the crypto space in a short period of time.

We put all our knowledge at your disposal, in order to help you form your own opinion on the crypto world, based on its deep and holistic understanding. Our goal is to help you see the value behind the price and the potential – behind the buzz ?

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Crypto trainings

professional training composed of 2 day-long parts
Day1. Basics: Bitcoin, Ethereum and the role of crypto
Day2. Crypto industry and web3

We have created a two-day training program for professionals, which we are happy to teach in-person to people and companies, both online and IRL (in real life).

Daily tariff for an IRL or online training is €1’600.

The optimal size for groups is 10 person.


Day1. Basics: Bitcoin, Ethereum and the role of crypto

Training goals

The first part is for beginners, no prior knowledge is required.

After the training, you will receive a questionnaire and a practical task; upon their completion you will receive a D.Center certificate in the NFT form.

Day 2. Crypto industry and web3
Training goals

The second part requires prior knowledge of blockchain mechanism, Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts and DApps.

It can be teached separately from the first part.

It also comes with a practical task to complete to earn a certificate.

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Franck Pralas

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