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Why in-person trainings?

D.Center and its content is and will be free, but nothing beats an in-person training when you want to get a good understanding of the crypto space in a short period of time.

We put all our knowledge at your disposal, in order to help you form your own opinion on the crypto world, based on its deep and holistic understanding. Our goal is to help you see the value behind the price and the potential – behind the buzz ?

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Understanding crypto universe – focus on investment

A variant of our basic training, with a special focus on crypto investment across its three main sectors CeFi, TradFi, and DeFi.

You’ll get familiar with different investment products, as well as ways of investing and conserving the cryptoassets.

You’ll be able to analyze a crypto project and use various metrics to follow the space.

Learn more about the training here.

The Crypto Chalet

A luxurious and instructive experience: a crypto training in a beautiful chalet in the French Haute Savoie.

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Understanding crypto universe

A two-day basic training that will help you understand the role and the numerous use cases of a blockchain.

You’ll discover the whole industry that has been created around it, learn to distinguish and use different types of cryptoassets.

Learn more about the training here.