Where will crypto go in 2022?

Where will crypto go in 2022?

First days of the new year are often the occasion to make predictions for the rest of it.

We combed through the highlights of 2021 and picked the some of the openings the crypto industry can use in 2022:

  • Bitcoin price >$100k
  • all major consumer brands create their metaverse experiences
  • crypto mining goes carbon-neutral with green mining and carbon offsets
  • a full-blown economy develops in the metaverse
  • more countries make Bitcoin legal tender
  • DeFi becomes an integral part of the crypto metaverse and gaming
  • crypto becomes a new electoral issue in democratic countries
  • DAOs continue to explore new use cases
  • all major blockchains become interoperable
  • major pension and insurance funds invest in crypto
  • millions of people will come to using crypto via crypto games
  • more countries buy Bitcoin for their reserves as an alternative to dollar
  • NFTs get legal approval as a form of ownership deed

Crypto is full of surprises though, and there will probably be developments we do not suspect yet. That is why we love it πŸ™‚