Ukrainian governmant fundraising in crypto

Ukrainian governmant fundraising in crypto

On Saturday, Ukrainian government announced it will start accepting donations in crypto, notably BTC, ETH and USDT.

Donations are to be used to buy supplies critically needed to help Ukraine resist Russian invasion: petrol, food, military equipment.

The addresses were posted on the Twitter accounts @Ukraine (account promoting Ukrainian tourism) and @FedorovMykhailo (Minister of Digital Transformation), and after some scrutiny from Twitter users, including Vitalik Buterin, were confirmed to be legit accounts linked to the Government of Ukraine.

If you wish to donate, please double check crypto addresses with these Twitter accounts.

The accounts, managed by the Ukrainian crypto exchange Kuna, have received over $13M worth of crypto in two days. These funds have been distributed quite fast to the European vendors, who are increasingly eager to accept crypto, Kuna’s CEO told Coindesk. Crypto transactions are fast and efficient, unlike fiat that can take days to be transferred cross-border.

For those who do not accept crypto, the exchange uses intermediaries volunteering to accept crypto and disburse euros to vendors.

At the time of writing Ukrainian diplomatic delegation is coming back to the capital after talks with Russia, and air raid sirens sound all over the country, as they have been doing for 5 days in a row.

We sincerely hope that the talks would bear fruit and this horrible war will end soon. And if crypto can help even a little, it will be great.