Ukraine creates NFT Museum of War

Ukraine creates NFT Museum of War

The war in Ukraine is now being documented in an NFT museum.

History is one of the strongest and most fragile concepts there are. It determines our present and influences our future, but it can be easily manipulated, twisted or obliterated depending on the political forces in power.

History is fragile: people can be killed, books can be burned, and websites – taken down. However today there might be another, decentralized, way to preserve it.

Blockchain is independent and immutable: it will store its data as long as the last of its nodes stand, and anyone with Internet connection can access it.

Yesterday Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation launched an NFT museum called MetaHistory: Museum of War. It features hundreds of artistic works illustrating key moments of the Russian invasion and international community’s reactions. Day by day, with timestamps and screenshots of the related tweets.

The NFTs will be available for sale starting from March 30th, at 0.15ETH each.

Cherry on the top? All profits will go to Ukraine’s official Ethereum wallet, hardcoded into NFTs’ smart contracts, to be distributed to humanitarian aid efforts.

Museum of War is a grave NFT use case, but a necessary one. History must not be forgotten.