Ubisoft to introduce NFTs

Ubisoft to introduce NFTs

Crypto and NFTs are the future of gaming, and it is becoming increasingly obvious not only with the rising popularity of crypto games, but also as traditional gaming companies turn to it.

After Epic Games (Unreal, Fortnite) said it will “welcome games that make use of blockchain tech”, it is now Ubisoft that took a step in crypto direction. Ubisoft is an important player in the gaming world, and its franchises include such great successes as Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia and Tom Clancy’s among others.

Yesterday Ubisoft announced that it has built NFT feature into its Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon game, available on beta starting from December 9th. The integration will be done via Ubisoft Quartz platform that allows players to earn in-game NFT collectibles called Digits, also it’s not yet clear if they will have any practical functionality.

Ubisoft’s NFTs will be minted on Tezos blockchain, praised by Ubisoft for using less energy than PoW blockchains… and also probably because both companies are French ??

It looks like incumbent gaming businesses are facing an interesting choice: try to ignore crypto, like did Steam by banning all blockchain-based games, or embrace it, like Ubisoft and Epic Games. It is of course up to the companies and their strategies, but historically ignoring innovation is never a good choice ?