Orange Man gets Orange-Pilled πŸ’Š The economic case for crypto in USA

Orange Man gets Orange-Pilled πŸ’Š The economic case for crypto in USA

Yes, Donald Trump goes full-in on crypto. Advised by Bitcoin Magazine’s CEO, he now accepts crypto donations and vows to make the US a leader in crypto. Discover how this shift could impact the crypto sector and the broader economy.

With the elections in the US approaching, Donald Trump, who once declared that Bitcoin was a scam, seems to have finally seen the light πŸ’‘

Now advised by David Bailey, the CEO of Bitcoin Magazine (!), the ex-President not only accepts donations in crypto, he also publicly pledges to “ensure that the future of crypto and Bitcoin will be made in the USA” and “support the right to self-custody to the nation’s 50 million crypto holders”.

πŸ”“ He even promised to pardon Ross Ulbricht, a Bitcoin pioneer and the founder of the darknet marketplace Silk Road, currently serving multiple life sentences.

Of course, Trump’s crypto epiphany is symptomatic of the rising crypto adoption and not any real change of heart within the man himself. However, the fact that a major presidential candidate has made crypto his cause, is beneficial for the whole sector.

Economic case for crypto

Whoever wins the elections, the general public in the US and abroad will get to know the main arguments in favor of crypto, both freedom-preserving and purely economic, such as:

πŸ’° Boosting the financial sector (asset management, custody, payments, both traditional and crypto-focused);

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Boosting the tech sector (social media, gaming, healthcare, or any other industry can leverage the blockchain – and the cryptoassets created on it);

πŸ’΅ Boosting international currencies (with most stablecoins pegged to the dollar, it gets to maintain its supremacy).

Mr Bailey even revealed that Trump asked him whether Bitcoin could be used to help solve the US national debt (this would be the most intriguing use case so far πŸ€”).

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come – and politicians might as well choose to seize this opportunity instead of continuing to fight the windmills.