The Gimmicks: NFTs to co-write the show

The Gimmicks: NFTs to co-write the show

There are many ways NFTs can be leveraged by the media: to finance the production, to act as tickets, to engage with the audience…

? American actress Mila Kunis, together with her husband Ashton Kutcher, have already successfully tested the NFTs in their animated series Stoner Cats. Released last summer, the series’ production was financed by the Ethereum-based NFTs featuring the series’ characters, which also acted as tickets unlocking the episodes.

? Yesterday Mila Kunis together with Toonstar, a Web3 animation studio, announced another animated project called The Gimmicks, which will be using NFTs in yet another way. The Gimmicks is a South-Park-like comedy about 3 washed-up wrestlers dreaming of regaining relevance, and it will release an NFT collection on the Solana blockchain, with each NFT giving users the right to participate in the creative process: at the end of each episode they will be able to vote on the continuation, as well as co-create the characters’ backstory and receive various perks for their involvement.

⚠️ The Gimmicks minting will start on March 18th, and will be completely free (except for the transaction fees in SOL), in order to highlight the creators’ “commitment to bring in the NFT and crypto-curious into the ecosystem”.

The NFTs will also help engage with the fans in a more meaningful way.

The use of NFTs in TV shows is still marginal, but it is steadily gaining ground ?