Switzerland so into crypto
Switzerland so into crypto
octobre 12 2021

We at D.Center believe that educating people on crypto matters is paramount and can help us change our societies for the better.

So we cannot but applaud the initiative of a Swiss think-tank 2B4CH to introduce Bitcoin to the Swiss federal constitution as such: “The Swiss National Bank shall create sufficient currency reserves from its revenues; part of these reserves shall be held in gold and Bitcoin.”

If the initiative gathers 100’000 signatures, the vote – and the succeeding debates – are legally bound to happen, resulting in an increased awareness on Bitcoin and its mechanism.

Switzerland is already a crypto-friendly country, and its canton of Zug is commonly known as a Crypto Valley. In some cantons you can pay your taxes with crypto, Swiss national railways SSB’s ticket machines can sell BTC, and its post will soon launch a Crypto Stamp – a physical stamp coupled with an NFT of its image.

With a public education campaign induced by 2B4CH, the country is getting so much closer to the future 👏