Supermarkets coming to the metaverse

Supermarkets coming to the metaverse

Metaverse is a $8 Trillion opportunity, according to the Goldman Sachs’ analysts.
No wonder more and more consumer brands secure their place in virtual worlds.

? Retailers follow. Not so long ago the American giant Walmart was spotted registering various metaverse- and NFT-related trademark applications, and today it was the French supermarket chain Carrefour that announced having bought a plot of land in The Sandbox, a decentralized metaverse.

Retailers are looking to tap into the younger client base of crypto and NFT enthusiasts; they can also retain existing customers by finding new ways of engaging with them in the metaverse.

240 million customers shop at Walmart weekly, and over 70 million – in Carrefour. That’s an impressive client base, and it can be leveraged by the retailers to develop their metaverse outlets ?️

Another avenue for the crypto adoption.