Solana phone has arrived. Will it help the blockchain?

Solana phone has arrived. Will it help the blockchain?

Solana is going mobile 📱

The company behind the tormented blockchain has made a move into new territory and released a web3 phone called Saga, available to public from May 8th.

Saga is an Android that in addition to the standard web2 features enables easy interaction with the crypto space. This is achieved primarily through the Seed Vault – a native custody system that is supposed to keep users’ private keys in a secure environment that even Android OS doesn’t have access to.

The Seed Vault is unlocked with a rear fingerprint sensor (and PINs where needed) and together with Phantom wallet allows easy connection with the native DApps store.

This is a big step in improving user-friendliness of crypto, and from this point of view Saga is very interesting.

However, Solana itself is not having its best time. Numerous downtimes, which sometimes lasted for hours, have undermined users’ trust, and the association with the FTX has further damaged its reputation.
Two biggest NFT projects on Solana have even decided to move to other blockchains: DeGods has migrated to Ethereum, and y00t – to Polygon.

It remains to be seen whether the mobile direction could help Solana regain its relevance.

So far, the smartphone release didn’t have much impact on $SOL price.