Shopify to support NFT sales

Shopify to support NFT sales

NFT is an ownership right to a digital piece, stored on a decentralized support which is blockchain. Everyone can mint and sell them, but it sure requires some skills – which is why most NFTs end up at NFT marketplaces.

This should have struck Shopify as an opportunity to extend their core business, which is providing an easy-to-use software to merchants, enabling them to set up their online stores.

The company will provide NFT support and allow merchants to sell NFTs directly through their stores, and the first merchant to use it is the legendary ChicagoBulls club selling NFTs highlighting the team’s six World Championship rings.

Shopify NFT extension is not yet available for everyone, but quite soon the 1.7M businesses using the service will be able to sell NFTs on the blockchain of their choice.

Crypto adaption is only beginning.