SEC impeding crypto business: an overreach?

SEC impeding crypto business: an overreach?

Did we all miss that time when the US SEC changed its mission from “protecting investors and promote a market environment worthy of public’s trust” to “try to impede crypto industry at all costs” ?

To recap its recent achievements, we can mention:

– ill-conceived lawsuit against Ripple

– stonewalling Coinbase’s novel Lend product without explaining why

– civil investigation into UniSwap

– continually delaying its decision on Bitcoin ETF application dated December’20…

So these are blockchain protocol, centralized and decentralized exchanges and a financial product based on crypto.

Can someone remind SEC commissioners that they are civil servants who need to work in the interests of the country, sticking to their agency’s mission at all times? For now it looks rather like big boys playing with power… will it be in the US interests if its crypto industry goes elsewhere?