Politics as a new NFT use case?

Politics as a new NFT use case?

Can NFTs be used to hold politicians accountable?

South Korean presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung has chosen an innovative way to fund his campaign, all while attracting young voters and showing his taste for tech.

His party will not only accept crypto, but also issue NFTs to the election campaign donators. These NFTs containing the candidate’s photo and his pledges will serve as a receipt… but what if they can be more?

We forget politicians’ pledges very fast, as they change the narrative each time a new wind blows. With election pledges graved in stone – or embedded into the blockchain, which is even better – it will be easier to keep tabs on the initial promises. People will see them every time they open their crypto wallet.

Moreover, as NFTs are so easy to show and identify with on the Internet, the donators themselves could easily gather and, why not, become the force that will make the politicians stick to their initial agenda.

It all is not perfect, of course, but as long as politics is still an inevitable part of our world, it could as well get some additional checks from the people.