NFTs as fundraising tool

NFTs as fundraising tool

Blockchain and NFTs are great tools for donations, not only because crypto moves fast without any borders or intermediaries, but also because of the blockchain’s transparency.

The notion of trust is a cornerstone for charities of all kinds.

Blockchain cannot always eliminate it, because at the end of the line transactions are made off-chain. But it can help in making sure that donations raised are going to the entity they are raised for, especially if that entity has itself an official crypto wallet.

NFT project Soul of Ukraine (, Twitter @Soul_of_Ukraine) is a good example: it uses official Ethereum account that Ukrainian government has set to raise funds to help it combat Russian invasion. This functionality is hardcoded on the smart contract level, and it is easily verifiable.

Soul of Ukraine project features 5000 NFTs of traditional dolls in national costumes priced at 0.03ETH.

Minting started today, and anyone can get a piece of the beautiful Ukrainian culture in their wallet, all while helping Ukraine and its people.