NFTs and Metaverse at Australia Open

NFTs and Metaverse at Australia Open

Tennis ❤️ NFT

If some tennis fans have missed the US Open’s NFT cards or Serena Williams’ Cryptopunk profile picture, they are about to learn more about NFTs with Australia Open’s new crypto adventure.

The first tournament of the Grand Slam will issue an NFT collection of 6’776 generative Art Balls, with each ball corresponding to a plot on the tournament court’s surface. The NFTs will gather winning points corresponding to their plot, and if the winning point happens to be in a championship match, the NFT owner will receive the physical ball.

The #metaverse won’t be left unattended too: tennis parties will be organized in the Decentraland throughout the tournament.

Australia Open is watched by over 1Bn (!) people all around the world, and while NFTs and metaverse events help the tournament find new ways of engaging with fans (and new revenue source), the tournament will, in its turn, increase crypto awareness and adoption.