NFTs allowing new ways of enjoying sports

NFTs allowing new ways of enjoying sports

NFTs can offer so many new ways of enjoying sports, and their development in this sector is remarkable.

NBA TopShot collectibles collection was once largely responsible for NFT market growth, and its mother company Dapper Labs is valuated at $7.6 Bn after the recent funding round.

Across the pond the most popular sport is by far football (or soccer if you wish) and a French company Sorare has found yet another way to enjoy it and play it. Users can not only buy unique collectible NFTs representing players, but also form their teams and play against other users.

Each NFT is tracking the real-life performance of the associate footballer, so no surprise that the most expensive card is the one of Cristiano Ronaldo, sold for $280k.

With worldwide football fans estimated at 3.5 Bn people, Sorare’s fantasy football has a long way to go, and we believe it would make a good use of the record $680M it raised in a recent funding round.