More countries are taking pro-crypto steps

More countries are taking pro-crypto steps

The overall crypto sentiment has surely taken a hit after Terra’s spectacular crash.

However, it appears to not be enough to discourage different countries from all over the world from advancing (or staying) in the crypto-friendly direction.

Only this week we saw:

✔️ Kazakhstan signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Binances’ CEO CZ, where Binance will act as advisor to the country’s legislators as they are working on the crypto laws, and support the local blockchain industry;

✔️ Paraguay Chamber of Deputies approving the crypto trading and mining regulation that will provide a clear legal framework for these industries;

✔️ Portugal Parliament rejecting a crypto tax proposal, keeping the country (at least for now) one the few ones in Europe with 0% crypto capital gains policy;

✔️ Central African Republic announced its intentions to create a “Crypto hub”, which would experiment with land acquisition in Bitcoin, tax exemptions, e-residency and more…

The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on ?