More and more businesses start accepting Bitcoin

More and more businesses start accepting Bitcoin

“Ok, so when I get your Bitcoin, what do I do with it?”

This phrase inevitably comes up each time we explain crypto to beginners.

As a response we used to speak about Bitcoin’s quality as a store of value, or using crypto banks’ cards as intermediaries between your crypto account and the fiat terminal of a vendor.

However, as an increasing number of businesses all over the world choose to start accepting Bitcoin, crypto use as money becomes more natural, boosting its adoption.

Some of the biggest (non-crypto) companies that now accept crypto as payment in at least some of their outlets include:

✔️Mobile network: AT&T, T Mobile Poland, Virgin Mobile

✔️and beverage: Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, Subway, Starbucks

✔️Retailers: Rakuten, Overstock, Gyft, NewEgg, The Home Depot, Shopify

✔️Online services: Twitch, Namecheap, ExpressVPN, NordVPN

✔️Gaming: GameStop, BigFishGames

✔️Sports: Dallas Mavericks, Benfica, Miami Dolphins

✔️Travels: Norwegian Air, Virgin Galactic, CheapAir

✔️Education: University of Nicosia (Cyprus), Curtin University (Australia), King’s College (NY), ESMT (Germany)…

This process is not linear: last year Tesla famously started, and then stopped, accepting Bitcoin. So did Microsoft.

But to us as industry observers, it looks like more businesses are coming than those retracting, and every week we see dozens of announcements of established businesses starting to accept crypto.

This week it was about a Porsche dealership from Maryland, a Brazilian wine club called Wine, online jewellery retailer SFLMaven, Mexican football club Tigres, California restaurant chain Everbowl…

Crypto is on the verge of going mainstream, so check your local coffeeshop – maybe it already accepts Bitcoin ?