Microsoft announces its metaverse plans
Microsoft announces its metaverse plans
novembre 03 2021

Decidedly, metaverse becomes the most discussed notion of this end of the year. Last week Facebook rebranded itself into Meta to highlight its commitment to developing a virtual world, and now it’s Microsoft announcing its metaverse plans for Teams and Spaces.

Dubbed Mesh and expected to roll out in 2022, the Microsoft metaverse should be accessible with no special equipment and allow immersive space where people can work and network. The project looks like an extension of Microsoft 365 and does not have crypto ambitions for the moment.

At the same time decentralized metaverse The Sandbox closed a $93M funding round led by Softbank. Based on Ethereum, The Sandbox allows people create and own (!) their own metaverse experiences: games, virtual parties and concerts… It already counts over 500k registered wallets, 12k unique landowners and $144M in gross merchandise value in NFT form.

The Sandbox, as well as the other decentralized metaverses – Decentraland, CryptoVoxels and Netvrk (in development) – aim at providing new experiences, each merging the real and the virtual worlds in its own way. They all contribute to defining

We are living the beginnings of the metaverse, and it’s important that we can be the ones who really own it – and the only way to assure this is to choose a blockchain-based one.