Meta to integrate NFTs

Meta to integrate NFTs

And what if Meta actually allowed some degree of decentralization?

The company’s metaverse plans have been widely discussed recently, mostly with mistrust: few people want an alternative reality centrally controlled by Mr Zuckerberg. Can it be possible that he actually listened?

It became known today that Meta is working on allowing Facebook and Instagram users to display their NFTs on their social media profiles. This would allow NFT collectors easily identify with each other in the crowd, leveraging even further the community aspect of NFT collections.

Mark Zukerberg has previously hinted at the possibility of using NFTs in Meta’s future metaverse. Now, with their reported integration into the existing Meta apps (the teams are even said to develop an NFT minting feature), these intentions look more realistic.

NFTs exist on blockchains, which means that they give a direct ownership of a digital asset. If at least some of the virtual goodies in Meta’s metaverse will have the form of NFTs, it will already bring some decentralization to it.

However, will Mr Zuckerberg go as far as selling his metaverse’s land in the form of NFTs and allow people build on it? That’s an interesting thing to follow.