Lobby Lobsters to defend crypto industry’s interests

Lobby Lobsters to defend crypto industry’s interests

US politics is a curious and complicated phenomenon, which happens to influence the whole planet, for better or for worse.Its influence on the crypto world recently was rather negative: the controversial Infrastructure Bill provision putting on crypto companies near-impossible reporting obligations, wacky SEC lawsuit against Ripple and other regulators’ have been much-discussed issues these months.

However, there’s a classic American mean of making one’s voice heard by the politicians – the lobbying. Crypto lobbies are still in their youth, especially compared with behemoth industries like traditional finance, but they certainly don’t lack creativity.

Yesterday Universe, a platform helping to curate and launch NFT collections, released a series of 10’000 Lobby Lobster NFTs, raising 1’000 ETH, or roughly $4M. The proceeds from the sale, as well as of the resales (yes, NFT resales can also generate royalties), will go to the Universe’s DAO multi-sig wallet, and the community will vote for which lobbying organizations they will be disbursed.

Lobbying just got more existing.