Internet Computer’s first NFT success

Internet Computer’s first NFT success

The great thing about disruptive tech is that new use cases continue to appear even when you think you’ve thought of it all.

We know NFTs are used as collectibles, digital art, gaming artifacts, rights to access a movie or another digital service, deeds of ownership to basically anything…

Dfinity development company proved other use case when launching NFT collection of ICPunks on its recently deployed Internet Computer network.

InternetComputer is a protocol aiming at enabling the public Internet to host smart contracts running at a web speed, all powered by a decentralized network with a BFT-based consensus.

10’000 collectible ICPunks were swooped in under 30 minutes after their release on-chain, providing Dfinity team with valuable data: acting as a stress-test for the network, NFTs allowed to better understand the protocol vulnerabilities. ICPunks also showed public’s interest for the protocol and gave IC a precious mean of engaging with their community.

Another day, another NFT use case.