Interest in crypto growing even on vacations

Interest in crypto growing even on vacations

One would think that summer vacations would slow down the interest in crypto, but it’s actually the opposite.

According to Glassnode, last week the number of active Bitcoin entities rose by 30% to 325k per day, and the users with 100-10k BTC have been accumulating more bitcoins than ever.

On the NFT side the craze continues so much that OpenSea marketplace registered $95M worth of transactions in the last two days (the total volume of the whole 2020 year was $21M). Much of it came from the renewed interest in CryptoPunk NFT collectibles series, with some Ethereum whales paying hefty prices: Gary Vaynerchuk spending the equivalent of $3.7M on CryptoPunk #2140, an unknown whale going on a $6M shopping spree for 100 NFTs…

Many many dollars are being converted into crypto, and we think it is only the beginning.