Inhumane Shanghai lockdown shows autocracy’s ugliness

Inhumane Shanghai lockdown shows autocracy’s ugliness

We have all read 1984, and we all understand that authoritarian countries like China are moving in that direction.

But still, it is hard to believe that this is really happening, and this is happening now.

Amidst yet another outbreak of Covid Chinese government decided to implement a zero-Covid policy, and the city of Shanghai witnesses to just how cruel it is.

Military troops have been sent to assure a complete lockdown, but much less attention was given to actually maintaining people in life, and even less – to ensure them a proper quality of life.

Many of Shanghai resident don’t have access to sufficient amounts of food and supplies, to the point that many risk starving to death or decide to commit suicide. People tested positive are being isolated without communication with their close ones, children are separated from their parents and pets suffer an even worse fate ?

Shanghai lockdown shows us how ugly an authoritarian government can be. Now, what does crypto have to do with it?

We at D.Center believe that crypto can help protect personal freedom in many ways, starting of course with money. Cryptocurrency owners are sure to be in full control of their savings, whereas people leaving their money in a bank must trust it – and in authoritarian countries this trust can be very easily broken.

The exhibits of anti-government mood can be sanctioned by simply cutting off a person’s access to their money, and in the case of digital yuan or another CBDC this can be done in a matter of seconds.

A Twitter user reported that people in Shanghai going to their balconies without masks can be fined directly from their e-yuan accounts if spotted and identified by the drones. Whether this is true or not, this is certainly possible, and the drones are flying all over the city, telling citizens to “Control you soul’s desire for freedom”.

That’s literally the last thing we need to do ✊