In economic turmoil more Americans turn to crypto

In economic turmoil more Americans turn to crypto

While the Americans are taking on themselves the inflation hit, the US officials continue weaving a yet tighter net of all sorts of surveillance and taxes, which risks making things even worse (Janet Yellen speaking on taxing unrealized capital gains’ is characteristic).

In this climate more and more Americans turn to crypto: as a hedge from inflation, as a way to diversify their businesses, as a way to gain money…

Crypto games that propose the play-to-earn possibility are on the rise: the US gamers represent the largest share in the crypto games world, with almost 110k monthly active users (DappRadar).

Crypto is increasingly often used for payments, and the recent research by Skynova, an invoicing software provider for small businesses, points out that a third (!) of small businesses in the US now accept crypto, motivated notably by crypto features of such popular payment providers as PayPal. Those who do not are mostly open to the idea of introducing crypto in the future.

The US is ranked 8th in Chainalysis’ Global Crypto Adoption Index, but the current trends suggest that the country is well on track to go up in the chart, and that would be a good thing for the American people.