Hype growing around BAYC’s Otherside

Hype growing around BAYC’s Otherside

The Apes from the Yacht Club may be notoriously bored, but people following the BAYC project development are surely not ?

After a period of parties and masterfully organised celebrity marketing, BAYC creator Yuga Labs reached a whole new level.
Last month the project saw the birth of the ApeDAO, the issuance of the community currency APE, the announcement of an upcoming metaverse called Otherside and a $450M fundraising round. Whoah ?

Remarkably, the Otherside announcement video released last month featured not only an Ape, but also representatives of other successful NFT collections: Cryptopunks, Meebits, Cool Cats, Nouns, World of Women and Toadz.
Yuga Labs acquired the IP rights for Cryptopunks and Meebits (also in March – that should have been a busy month!), but is seemingly in partnership mode with other collections.

Now a rumour spreading on Twitter would suggest that the owners of the abovementioned NFTs will have an airdrop of Otherside’s land tokens, and that APE will be used as a currency to buy them. The result: APE price spiked +55% in one day.
The public interest and trust in Yuga Labs and what they do is still unwavering.

Otherside may indeed be a cool project. Animoca Brands, one of the biggest Web3 games developer, has participated in Yuga Labs last funding round alongside A16z, and it is safe to assume they will be participating in the metaverse development too.

Yuga Labs is now valued at $4Bn and given the level of expectations, Otherside should be something really spectacular. We’ll see that quite soon: the metaverse launch is scheduled this month.