Happy holidays from D.Center team!

Happy holidays from D.Center team!

What a year it has been!

The world has changed more than we could have imagined:
?Bitcoin is now legal tender in a sovereign country and its price of $50k is taken for granted
?World-famous artists make music videos with characters of an NFT collection, and it has become normal to pay over $200k for an NFT with an Ape or a pixelated face on it
?The equivalent of $150Bn is now locked within DeFi algorithms, opening finance to literally every person on Earth
?People can make their living off play-to-earn crypto games
⚖️Regulators all over the world start realizing that crypto is to be taken very seriously, and the smartest and most progressive ones have already positioned themselves in a pro-crypto camp
?Consumer brands rush to establish their presence in a decentralized metaverse…

Impressive? We believe this is only the beginning, and the next year has many more surprising developments in store.

The holidays are a perfect time to disconnect for a while from the incessant flow of news, clear our heads and reload our capacity to imagine these developments – and that’s exactly what we at DCenter plan to do.
We’ll be taking a break from publications to spend time with friends and family and will be back online in the New Year! ?

Until then the most valuable member of our team – Paul Angus the Cat – wishes you Happy Holidays, and we of course join him! ?

With all our love,
DCenter team ❤️