Gender gap in crypto still big, but the trend is good

Gender gap in crypto still big, but the trend is good

Crypto is still a men’s world: only 5-10% of global crypto users are women.

Historically this isn’t surprising: first crypto users were cypherpunk/IT specialists, later joined by traders – all predominantly male communities.

? However, as more and more women come to tech, the gender gap in this “core base” is susceptible to change. Numerous initiatives are specifically aiming at bringing more women into the crypto industry: Surge, Unstoppable Women of Web3, CryptoChicks, Women of Crypto…

Today a famous NFT project World of Women announced a foundation dedicated to bringing more women into the NFT and metaverse space, kicked off by a $25M donation from The Sandbox metaverse.

?‍? Also, crypto becomes increasingly user-friendly and can finally shed the “tech-savvy only” mark that may have deterred some women in the past. With a user-friendly wallet, an exchange or a DApp, cryptocurrencies are becoming as easy to use as fiat currencies, and this may also explain a rising share of women who own crypto.

?‍? According to a recent study commissioned by an American crypto derivatives platform Bakkt, among men and women crypto owners the ownership history is slightly longer for men, but more women than men have made their first purchase in past 6 months (38% vs 30%), and also in the past year (71% vs 60%).

?‍? Women start cautiously, with 61% of respondents having invested less than $500, but 82% say they will likely purchase crypto again in the future. For those who not yet own crypto the main barriers are: not knowing where to start, not knowing how to use crypto, and not having extra money to invest.

The gender gap in crypto is still big, but it is shrinking steadily. Education and mentoring, as well as making crypto experience more user-friendly are two main directions to make crypto space more inclusive and diverse.

Happy Women’s Day! ?