Football and crypto love story

Football and crypto love story

Footbal and crypto is a long-term love story.

FC Barcelona, Milan, Juventus, PSG and others have been selling NFT fan tokens, some with artistic value, some allowing to take part in club’s decisions. Platforms like Chiliz or Footballstars make it easy.

The French platform Sorare is selling NFTs of players that reflect their real-life progression and can be used to compose a virtual team, face another user’s team, and win some crypto. It is working with some of the best clubs, such as PSG, Olympique de Marseille, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Juve… which get royalties for every NFT sold. Last month Sorare signed a deal with the French Football Association and announced it was about to raise an additional $500 M, which would make it another French unicorn.

Football clubs also partner with exchanges, and in case of the Dutch AZ, a part of the sponsorship amount will be paid in crypto and left on the club’s balance sheet during their collaboration.