Dolce&Gabbana dive into NFT fashion

Dolce&Gabbana dive into NFT fashion

As another defile season is coming to an end with Paris Fashion Week, the metaverse is now claiming its own fashion.
It makes total sense: as digital worlds become populated, our avatars should also be able to express their personalities via clothing and pay respects to this form of art. It also makes sense to attribute digital clothes to NFTs, making sure that the ownership is full and can be easily transferred.

Web3 fashion is developed by pioneer digital fashion houses like The Fabricant, Digitalax or DressX (the latter started to dive into the NFTs only recently though), which feature mostly young designers.
Some big names of fashion are now opening to the NFT clothing too: after their Alta Moda collection in August, Dolce&Gabbana revealed an exclusive digital collection of ready-to-wear and jewellery NFTs. This week its 9 pieces, some existing both in digital and physical spaces, were auctioned off at a curated NFT marketplace UNXD for $5.7M worth of ETH.

Fashion trends are in big part shaped by professional buyers, and that seems to be the case for digital fashion too: a newly formed Red DAO bought 3 pieces of Dolce&Gabbana digital collection and intends to support digital fashion further.

As the metaverse itself, digital fashion is still in its infancy, but we have seen how fast digital trends can develop… so gird your loins!