Decentralized metaverse tokens price is soaring

Decentralized metaverse tokens price is soaring

We are about to see an interesting competition.

Facebook metaverse vs decentralized ones. Nothing is decided yet: Facebook will leverage its almost 3Bn users and very deep pockets, while decentralized metaverses will try to play the advantages of a user-owned virtual world powered by the blockchain.

Crypto markets are already preparing to this upcoming battle: the prices of tokens fuelling decentralized metaverses are soaring since the beginning of November: Decentraland’s MANA gained 280%, NetVRK 150%, TheSanbox’ SAND 250% (the latter has also raised another $93M in a recent funding round)…

Crypto is still a niche, but it will not always stay this way. We believe that the values of freedom inherent to it will one day spill out to the general public, and then a centralized Facebook-owned metaverse will stand no chance ?