Damien Hirst selling his artwork as NFT

Damien Hirst selling his artwork as NFT

Damien Hirst has been vocal about his love of crypto for some time now. Earlier this year he started accepting it for his artworks, and now, quite logically, it’s time for NFTs.

Not without irony, the artwork he decided to sell in NFT form is called “The Currency” – a series of 10’000 hand-painted cards he created back in 2016 and intended to explore the boundaries of art and currency — when art changes and becomes a currency, and when currency becomes art.

Each “currency” costs $2k and has a related NFT. Successful applicants for their purchase will have to decide between the NFT or the physical artwork, both of which are artworks in their own right. Whichever is picked, the other gets burned.

The buyers’ choices would give a very interesting insight into the modern art trends – could NFT of a painting be more valuable than its physical form?