Crypto investment on the rise

Crypto investment on the rise

Crypto is not a niche anymore, it is an industry.

All kinds of products and services are being built on top of blockchain, and despite regulatory hurdles in some countries, where an old world is fighting the new, crypto sector is growing fast. Moreover, this growth is likely to accelerate, taking into account how much money is being poured in it.

Over $17 Bn of venture capital was invested in crypto companies January through June, which makes almost x3 of the whole year 2020 (PitchBook). An unprecedented $8.7 Bn was invested into crypto fintech in the first half of the year, already doubling the figures of 2020 (KPMG).

Crypto-oriented VC funds pop up in every part of the world, trying to have a piece of the pie – and ensuring that the industry has enough fuel to continue innovations and, eventually, change the world.