Crypto industry grows strong

Crypto industry grows strong

Crypto industry is developing fast, and the recent reports on VC investments and job openings can give us the idea just how fast.

A whopping $33Bn of venture capital was poured in crypto in 2021 – an increase of 450% vs last yer, as per the report recently shared by Galaxy Digital Research.

This makes almost 5% of the total VC investments ($700Bn), and 10% of VC investments in emerging tech (quantum, cloud tech, robotics, AI, fintech) – the largest shares ever. Comparing to other emerging tech, crypto ventures have been surpassed by only AI and fintech, both collecting over $110Bn in investments.

Within crypto itself, the biggest share (42%) went to Exchanges/Trading, while the Metaverse/Web3 companies accounted for 17%, and Custody – 10%.

The multitude of crypto projects, supported by all this money, quite naturally stir a surge in hirings. LinkedIn reported an impressive 395% increase in crypto-related job openings in the US in 2021, now showing over 15k jobs. USA is an obvious leader, but other regions do not linger neither: LinkedIn shows over 6k jobs in EMEA and over 4k – in the APAC regions. And in the end of the day the region matters little, for an owerwhelming majority of jobs are remote.

Quite logically, crypto companies mostly need IT engineers, so 2021’s count of 18k developers contributing to open-source crypto projects is very likely to go up. However, no-code specialists are on the need to: from community managers to an array of financial roles to sales & marketing, to writing… Some exchanges even have jobs for investigators to collaborate with FBI or other law enforcement to help prosecuting bad guys.  

The quantity and the quality of talent pouring into the crypto space is truly amazing, and we believe that it is the main driving force that will help change our world, making it more decentralized and giving people more control over their lives.