Crypto firms’ funding hits new highs
décembre 15 2021

Crypto firms’ funding hits new highs

The amounts of money flowing into the crypto ecosystem are becoming really impressive.

This year crypto firms raised over $20Bn through venture capital alone, shared between payment and trading companies, crypto games, NFT-focused projects, green mining… and it doesn’t look like this is going to stop. What’s more, the ticket size is growing too.

In July crypto derivatives exchange FTX raised $900M, and then $420M more in October.

In November venture capital firm Digital Currency Group (also the owner of Grayscale crypto fund, Genesis trading platform and Coindesk news website) raised $700M.

Yesterday the New-York-based company NYDIG set another record, announcing a jaw-dropping $1Bn funding round.

NYDIG provides brokerage, custody and asset management services to the institutional investors (it has, among others, facilitated MassMutual’s acquisition of $100M in Bitcoin and US Bank’s launch of the crypto custody service).

With its motto “Bitcoin for all”, NYDIG had already raised $300M earlier this year, but apparently there’s big room to grow for a company bridging the worlds of crypto and traditional finance. $1Bn big.