Crypto as a way for anti-war Russians to donate to Ukraine

Crypto as a way for anti-war Russians to donate to Ukraine

As war in Ukraine continues, photos and videos of its atrocities make it to Russia despite a country-wide censorship that goes as far as forbidding the word “war”.

However, those Russians who know what is really happening and who feel ashamed by this treacherous act of aggression, have very little room for action.

So far 6835 people were arrested for protesting against the war on the streets, and Russian regulators announced that providing any kind of help to any foreign country or organisation is now considered state treason, punishable with up to 20 years of prison.

Country’s opposition, in the person of Alexey Navalny, is calling for more people to get out there: everyone cannot be arrested, and millions of regular people can take over thousands of policemen.

Others direct their intentions on helping Ukrainians, and crypto appears to be – once again – the most convenient tool to escape the “state treason” charge. Russian animation producer Pavel Muntyan has called his friends and followers to donate crypto to his newly set crypto fund that will buy protection gear for the Ukrainians. He collected over $400k in one day.

While it is not impossible to track a crypto donation to a person, it would require time and very significant effort, which means that it’s reasonable to assume crypto donations would stay pseudonymous.