Crypto adoption on the rise
Crypto adoption on the rise
octobre 22 2021

How far did the crypto adoption go? The news that even a year ago would make the headlines are now casually mentioned inter alia.

Just scooping this week:
✔️Houston Firefighters’ Relief and Retirement Fund (a public pension fund!) acquires #Bitcoin

✔️Wallmart installs 200 ATM machines in its stores

✔️Venezuelan airport now accepts BTC

✔️Bitcoin ETF launched on NYSE, signing the best first trading day ever, and will soon reach a limit on the number of futures contracts it’s allowed

✔️Mexican airlines Volaris now accept BTC (notably to serve Salvadoran clients)

✔️US asset managers Capital Group and Pimco (both with over $2Tr of AUM) embrace BTC✔️1M people signed for Robinhood’s #crypto wallet

✔️Unicorn real estate platform Pacaso now accepts crypto…

Just another week… more is yet to come.