Bitcoin Jungle initiative in Costa Rica gaining ground

Bitcoin Jungle initiative in Costa Rica gaining ground

Grassroot adoption is what will make Bitcoin universal money.

A year ago we wrote about Bitcoin Beach – a community project in El Salvador’s surfing village of El Zonte. It developed thanks to an anonymous BTC donation that asked its recipients to not sell their bitcoins, but rather use them to create a circular crypto economy.
It worked, and not only has El Zonte prospered, but the whole country of El Salvador ended up embracing Bitcoin.

History repeating in Costa Rica? ?
Launched only 6 months ago, Bitcoin Jungle is an initiative aiming at developing crypto economy in Costa Rica’s “Golden Triangle”, an area of in the country’s south-west, famous for its lush nature and conscious tourism. The initiative is backed by the Bitcoin Jungle payment app that, like Bitcoin Beach from which it is forked off, uses Lightning Network ⚡ to enable fast and cheap transactions. It also shows a map of nearby businesses accepting Bitcoin.

Despite its young age, Bitcoin Jungle already counts around 50 market vendors and 20 brick-and-mortar businesses, and the wallet app has had about 1’500 downloads, and 1’000 monthly active users ?

An increasing number of tourist destinations and hotels around the world start embracing crypto in an attempt to attract crypto nomads, and beautiful Costa Rica is particularly well-suited for this ?️
What’s more, tourists’ bitcoins will help create a circular crypto economy and profit the local communities.