Associated Press to launch an NFT marketplace

Associated Press to launch an NFT marketplace

Free journalism is important, and NFTs can contribute to protecting it.

NFTs are not only about cartoon characters or internet communities. They can also help support meaningful endeavours – like the one started by Associated Press 175 years ago.

The Associated Press is a non-profit news cooperative dedicated to support free journalism, which has earned a total of 54 Pulitzer Prizes, including 32 for photography ? Last week it announced it will be issuing a series of NFTs featuring photos by its by current and former photojournalists.

The NFTs will be sold at AP’s brand new NFT marketplace built with the help of Xooa, a DApps building tool, starting from January, 31st.

Prices will vary from one photo to another, but what’s reassuring is that one won’t have to pay exorbitant Ethereum fees: the launch will happen on Polygon, Ethereum’s layer-2, known for its low fees.

Photojournalism has helped raise awareness about world’s most heartbreaking dramas and poignant injustices. Tokenizing photos can get them more exposure and help raise funds to support more unbiased journalism to come ?