Art Blocks NFT collection gaining traction

Art Blocks NFT collection gaining traction

NFT sales continue marking new highs, with over $2.8Bn trading volume in August across platforms (data by DAppRadar).

The leaders unsurprisingly include Axie Infinity, which is still most popular crypto game by volume, and Cryptopunks, surfing on a renewed interest from whales.

The third place is more of a surprise, with Artblocks collection that is rapidly gaining traction: $3.3M was recently paid for a single artpiece called “The Tulip”. Art blocks are designed by different artists, but all have one main characteristic in common: every NFT is created directly on Ethereum, where the artist deploys their algorithm. The final image is generated via the hash string provided by the token, making it a crypto-native piece of art.

Over the last 30 days Artblocks have reached almost $400M in trading volume – an impressive sign of appreciation from the community.