Another NFT Discord hack ends in thousands $ stolen

Another NFT Discord hack ends in thousands $ stolen

Who would have thought that Discord would become the ultimate security threat to the NFT world?

This social network is widely used by the NFT projects to nurture their communities, exchange ideas, share news… and also announce airdrops, mints and other initiatives that can potentially make one rich.

? Of course, this did not escape scammers’ attention, who have understood that FOMO-ridden users will click on virtually anything promising them free NFTs – provided that the link comes from a well-known source. This means that one hacked account can result in thousands of people willingly sending the hacker their crypto – and that’s what’s been happening on an increasingly larger scale.

? Yesterday Yuga Labs’ Discord community manager’s account was compromised, and a phishing message posted on it managed to get over 145 ETH (over $260k) stolen.

This is not the first time Yuga Labs-related account was hacked: a MAYC and then a BAYC Discords were both compromised in April, posting fake links scamming people out of their NFTs and Ethers.

But that’s not all: a Twitter user that goes by NFTherder published a list of no less than 70 NFT Discords compromised in the sole month of May, including such high-profile accounts as RTFKT, Cool Cats or OpenSea.

? The statistics is disturbing, but people tend to disagree on who exactly is to blame. Careless community managers who might have lest hackers a clue? Discord itself that does not have enough security measures? Greedy users who won’t double-check the link they click on?

What’s clear is that NFT scams are on the rise, and this does not help the overall perception of the crypto industry ?