Amazon: next stage for consumer goods NFTs?

Amazon: next stage for consumer goods NFTs?

NFTs can be a great tool in enhancing the customer experience for literally any type of product.

They can be used to:
💠 authenticate the product (with or without a chip embedded into the product itself),
💠 detail the product’s origins,
💠 provide access to exclusive services,
💠 create a community,
💠 grant special rights for purchasing other products,
💠 offer clients a complimentary digital item
… and more broadly, help turn customers into brand advocates.

The list is long, and it is getting longer by the day, and many consumer goods companies have already boarded the NFT train: mainly fashion (D&G, Adidas), but also food and beverages (Coca-Cola, Budweiser), personal care brands (P&G, YSL Beauté), cars (Porsche, Lamborghini)…

But the biggest one is yet to come ✨

Amazon is reportedly preparing to launch an NFT platform, which will allow its customers to purchase NFTs tied to the goods the retail giant is selling.

The company has been rumoured to explore web3-related initiatives for some time already, and finalizing some of them would be a big step not only for Amazon itself, but also for the larger NFT space.

With Amazon’s 300 million customers discovering the true utility NFTs can bear, we might finally leave the “scammy jpegs” stage behind and turn to the future.

The important thing here is to ensure everyone getting into the space knows the basic security rules 😅