NFT collectibles entering the media space

NFT collectibles entering the media space

More and more successful NFT projects are entering the media/entertainment space.

? BAYC is famous for Timbaland-backed hip-hop band TheZoo, which features 5 Apes and has already released its first single. Universal Music’s Kingship band, which also uses Ape NFTs, is yet to produce music, but the expectations are high (remember Gorillaz?)
NFT collection World of Women will serve as a base for the future TV project by Hello Sunshine, Reese Witherspoon’s production studio.
Will Cool Cats be next?

? Released in July’21, Cool Cats is a series of collectible NFT cats with non-exclusive IP rights (both NFT owner and Cool Cats creators can use the NFT image) and a strong community, maintained by the project leaders (20% of the profits are returned to the community through contests).
Cool Cats were launched as a part of a bigger “Cooltopia” universe in mind – a gamified ecosystem that will allow more interactive experiences.

Cool Cats creators have spoken about bigger plans to “transcend the NFT niche” and expand the use of Cool Cats across animated content, brand partnerships and events… This week they signed with an LA-based Creative Artists Agency, an influential player in the talent agency business that may help them achieve these plans.