Jack Dorsey’s decentralized social network to launch soon

Jack Dorsey’s decentralized social network to launch soon

Will it be Elon to revolutionize social media? We’re not so sure now.

While everyone’s eyes are still on Elon’s possible Twitter takeover and X, the “everything app” he announced, Twitter’s retired founder Jack Dorsey has got something truly innovative to show – a social media that might have solved the issues of data ownership, censorship and manipulation.

☄️Yesterday Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky revealed the Authenticated Transfer Protocol – a new decentralized social network where users will fully control their data and have a possibility to move it across platforms “without losing any of your data or social graph.”

Users will also be able to choose an algorithm defining what they see and who they reach, and content moderation will be ensured via a multi-layer system and thresholds based on reputation and end-user choice.

It is not clear yet what role will crypto play in Bluesky, but we could assume the role would be significant, considering Jack Dorsey’s crypto enthusiasm ( among his crypto ventures we can name TBD – DeFi on Bitcoin, LDK – Lightning Network developer kit, and tbDEX – a crypto-fiat decentralized exchange project).

Moreover, it looks like a good choice to ensure a good user experience and adoption before any crypto perks come in: the disappointing experience of the existing crypto social media like Steam, Hive or Ecency has taught us that much.

Bluesky’s beta is expected to be launched soon, and in the meantime users can join the waitlist.