Crypto games are gaining traction

Crypto games are gaining traction

Crypto games are gaining traction, as more and more users get seduced by the Play-to-Earn principle.

According to DappRadar, in-game NFT collectibles generated $2.32 billion in sales during Q3, or 22% of the total NFT trading volume industry-wide. The leader here is still Axie Infinity, a collection which has become the most traded ever, surpassing two other collectible phenomena – NBA Top Shot and Cryptopunks.

Alien Worlds is the most popular, with over 700k of unique active wallets in the last 30 days, and Splinterlands grows the fastest: with over 245k daily users, it registered a 3267% growth since the end of Q2.

Crypto games still need a lot of development, notably in their design, and Aurory, a recently launched beautiful game on Solana, is marking a net progress.

Blockchain and NFTs are changing the way we play, and they do it fast ?